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Books about Cathars (which can be found at Queille)

The Albigensian Crusade
Jonathan Sumption
An early and learned history of the crusade against the Cathars written by an English historian
Massacre at Montségur
Zoé Oldenburg
A more sympathetic and atmospheric account, also written a while ago by French historian (French and English versions). Good counterpoint to Sumption
Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie
Seminal and renowned account of 14th century Cathar village (near Queille) sourced entirely from evidence given to the Inquisition
La Croissade albigoise
Fancois de Lannoy & Jacques Labrot
Recent compendium of illustrations, maps and contemporary records, artefacts and photos of buildings which are unaltered since 13th century. Useful bibliography (in French)
The Perfect Heresy
Stephen O'Shea
A good but simplified and lightweight account of the Cathars and the crusade by an American journalist
The Yellow Cross
René Weiss
Similar territory to Montaillou but later and by an English academic historian with a very extensive bibliography
Ermengard of Narbonne
Frederic Cheyette
A tour de force on a Provencal version of Eleanor of Aquitaine and the world of the Troubadours
The Inquisition
Michael Baignent & Richard Leigh
History of the Dominicans, founded by St Dominic at Fanjeaux near Queille) and the Inquisition for which they were responsible during the Albigensian Crusade and later
L'Ariège des comptes et des cathares
Claudine Pailhès
Illustrated archive, compendium and account of the area from earliest times to Cathars and the end of the Albigensian Crusade written by the archivist of Ariège.
Yves Rouquette
Explanation of dualism and the beliefs, doctrines and ritual of Cathars (translated)
The Troubadours
Simon Gaunt & Sara Kay
Learned treatise on troubadours: langue d'oc, poetry, music etc
Cathars & Reincarnation
Arthur Guirdham
Weird account of a woman who believed she was a reincarnated Cathar heretic, probably should be listed in next section: novels

Related Novels

L'Epopée cathare de la Dame de Queille
Gabriel Lajugie
Story of Camille and her life at Queille and elsewhere before, during and after the crusade against the Cathars (in French). Intricate story, full of colour and characterisation. Now translated into English by Christopher Todhunter.
L'Epopée des Cathares
Peyramaure & Lebihan
Childrens' book about a young knight caught up in the events of the crusade against the Cathars (in French), beautifully illustrated
Raimond le Cathare
Dominique de Baudis
Historical novel about Raymond VII, Count of Toulouse and his part in the Albigensian Crusade (in French). Dominique de Baudis was the Mayor of Toulouse.